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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Delete Preinstalled Games In Nokia Asha

There is good way to delete the preinstalled games without using a PC. tested with nokia asha 309. You can deleted the games and free up 9 mb memory.

Requirements: blue ftp

Steps for Delete Preinstalled Games In Nokia Asha:
  1. create a backup of games and application on your device.
  2. open blue ftp and rename to backup.zip
  3. open backup.zip with blue ftp and open predefjava > predefgames
  4. you will see there rms files of games (eg; example.rms)
  5. write down the name of the game (the name before "del" of rms file is the name of the game)
  6. you must have a qf file in your memory card (it is automatically created). Change the file name to the name of game. Eg; if your game is casino then change the file name to casino.jar . Your mobile shows invalid application. Dont worry.
  7. mark the casino.jar (or other file) you have created and move to games folder of your phone memory where there is preinstalled game. It says the file already exists. If doesnt say your created game file name is wrong.
  8. now you are able to move copy and delete the preinstalled game. But dont delete the game there. First of all move the game to folder images. And then delete.
  9. your game is deleted but says unable to delete because our mobile is unable to delete some file of that game. Dont worry.
  10. open blue ftp go to images folder where you have moved the game and deleted it. You will see a folder eg: casino_private. Open this folder and change the attribute of file inside the folder from read only to write.. Now delete the folder.
  11. after deleting all the games you dont want, restore (all) your mobile phone. And see the free memory
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